High Fashion Low Countries

Initiated by the Netherlands Embassy in Belgium, HIGH FASHION LOW COUNTRIES was a campaign project aimed to connect Belgian and Dutch emerging fashion designers with avant-garde brands and known design institutes to explore the new frontiers in fashion technology and sustainable design.

The selected designers worked on capsule collections to be presented in a joint traveling exhibition through major fashion and art venues in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Eindhoven and London. The work in progress was documented in a print glossy magazine and a fashion documentary following the designers at work preparing for the final exhibition, as well as commentaries by influencers from Belgium and The Netherlands. Javier Barcala consulted for HFLW selecting participant artists and collaborative brands and institutions, as well as directing the visual campaign, exhibitions and fashion documentary.

Collaborators included London Somerset House, London Fashion Week, Amsterdam Fashion Week, the Body Shop, Woolmark, Flanders Fashion Institute, Dutch Fashion Foundation, de Brakke Grond, UPS, MAD Brussels, Dutch Design Week and Modint among other

High Fashion Low Countries documentary Runtime 20:49